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November 3, 2017

Takealots Gaming Accessories Sale

It's Never Too Early To Start Buying Christmas Gifts And Takealot Is Giving Us A Good Excuse To Start…

2 November 2017 / Brandon Lee Westraat

Takealot has become our one stop shop for all our e-commerce needs in South Africa. you could call them the Amazon of South Africa ... Read more
March 23, 2017

Nintendo Switch Review

After months of waiting, the Nintendo Switch is finally here, boasting a hybrid design that’ll provide both console gaming and on-the-go gaming with a single console. Is Nintendo’s upcoming console something you should get excited about, or is it full of gimmicks? We've spent a couple of ... Read more
February 20, 2014

PS4 vs. Xbox One

With the price of the PS4 already on the rise from R6299 up to R6799 a new question has arisen in the PS4 vs. Xbox One debate - will the price of the Xbox One be the same or lower in price that the PS4 and will that impact buyers decision ...

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