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Seen as one of the top 3 maize meal brands in South Africa, Ace maize meal is a white, super grade maize meal, fortified with vitamins & minerals suitable for everyone in your household.

The brand forms part of Tiger Brands Limited portfolio, which is a South African packaged goods company that was founded in 1920 and headquartered in the City of Johannesburg.

Tiger Brands also has direct and indirect interests in international food businesses in Chile, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon.

The Ace brand has multiple varieties of maize meal such as:

The Super Maize meal which forms part of it’s core rage.

The super pack is available in multiple sizes from 1kg up until 80kgs.

It also has a Plus Fibre product which is the same maize meal but wheat bran is added to the mix.

Ace also makes instant porridge which is available in a 1kg size and flavours such as Original, Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate and Toffee Caramel,

For convenience, it also has a Quick Cook maize product which only takes 10 minutes to cook.

You can find Ace products at Cambridge Food, Pick n Pay and Checkers.