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Makro | Latest Catalogues and Specials

Makro is arguably the biggest wholesale retail outlet in South Africa and continues to grow from strength to strength.

The first ever Makro store was opened in 1971 in Germiston. It was one of the first ever cash and carry stores in South Africa. An additional 5 stores were established and by 1985 the MD founded Massmart- a major wholesale and retail group, with Makro stores as the group's flagship cornerstones.

The most famous Makro Store (by far) is the Makro in Woodmead which was built in 1993, it has now grown to be one of the biggest and most popular retail outlets in the Northern suburbs of JHB.

Another major milestone for the group came to the fore in 2011 when Massmart merged with Walmart. This allowed Makro stores to further improve by extending shopping hours and increasing their product offerings.

Makro stores and offerings

There are now more than 18 Makro stores countrywide and the retail chain continues to grow. Their product offering is truly divers and they offer a wide range of products for every requirement. As they are a wholesale maga-chain, they have the added advantage of being able to offer customers a wide range of products at wholesale (or) vastly reduced prices. Almost weekly Makro specials are conveyed to the public via their many Makro Catalogues.

Makro stores offer their customers almost everything they could ever need including food, groceries, the latest gaming and computer products, other electronics, household goods, furniture, appliances, camping products, outdoor equipment, sports items, alcohol and much more.

Makro CSI

Makro are heavily involved in corporate responsibility initiatives and focus primarily on 3 areas; namely Education, HIV/ AIDS related issues and combating hunger.

Education: Makro has teamed up with the Gauteng Department of Education to establish the Excellence in Education Awards. Makro have since extended this program to Western Cape and KZN as well. This program acknowledges disadvantaged schools that have delivered exceptional matric results. A contribution of over a R1.2 million rand has been awarded to the winning schools yearly.

Feeding schemes: In conjunction with Centurus Colleges Trust, African Feeding Scheme and the Department of Education, Makro have managed to contribute over R1.3 million rand to over 15 schools- ensuring their students get at least one healthy meal per day.

Makro Specials

As Makro is one of the leading retail giants of SA, a wide range of Makro specials and conveyed to the public weekly via their printed Makro Catalogues. Guzzle of course brings you these Makro Catalogues in digital format, so take a look now for those great specials in your area!

Browse the latest Makro catalogues and special deals.

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