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Keep Your Family’s Oral Health a Priority With Aquafresh

Aquafresh is a leader in oral hygiene and has been since 1973. Find out more about the brand and any available Aquafresh deals.

Keep Your Family’s Oral Health a Priority With Aquafresh

Aquafresh came into being in 1973. It was the first striped toothpaste to hit the market with its signature white and blue stripes, indicative of the product’s double effectiveness of offering to fight both dental cavities and oral odour. Aquafresh originally used the ‘ocean of freshness’ images of blue waves and seas to effectively communicate the product’s novel freshness and great taste attributes.

Since Aquafresh’s launch, interest and awareness in oral health and hygiene have developed considerably among consumers.

A third, red stripe was soon added to the Aquafresh recipe, offering the famous triple action that this toothpaste has become so well known for. Development of their brand continues to this day, with many more products available under its umbrella brand. Aquafresh also continues to drive awareness and education on oral health issues, such as with their 2008 “Your mouth is amazing” campaign, which inspires consumers to recognise and appreciate the amazing physiology of their mouths.

Today, Aquafresh continues to far exceed users’ oral health and dental care needs. If you are looking for an effective and affordable way to help reduce plaque build up and to protect your family’s oral health, then look no further than Aquafresh.

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