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Builders Warehouse | Latest Catalogues and Specials

Builders Warehouse is part of the Massmart holdings group and forms part of the Massbuild division. Massbuild comprises Builders Warehouse, Tile Warehouse, Builders Express (formerly Servistar) and Builders Trade Depot (previously known as Federated Timbers).

Builders Warehouse - for all your building supplies

In 2003, Massmart procured 5 Builders Warehouses in 2003. From there the chain of Builders Warehouses stores grew to 23 throughout South Africa and is still growing. Builder’s Warehouse is fundamentally a massive warehouse retail, offering competitively priced products. They offer small to large building and maintenance products as well as a large garden section with numerous plants, trees, flowers and more.

Builders Express Builders Warehouse

Builders Express started out as Servistar stores which operated only in Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal. Massmart then bought 14 of these stores and rebranded.

Builders Express consists of more than 26 stores in local neighbourhoods. They primarily cater to the home owner and provide consumers with products such as DIY equipment as well as home and garden products.

A range of products are on offer, whether you are looking to make your own tables and chairs, decorate your garden, fix the lights, electric fencing and more- Builders Express is the one stop shop for the home owner.

The chain also has experts on hand to assist with all consumer needs, may it be that you require advice on gardening, painting, what sort of power tools to purchase or what the best chemicals to use for your pool.

Builders Trade Depot

Builders Trade Depot started out as Federated Timbers. Similarly to Builders Express, these outlets were acquired from Massmart and re-branded.

The retailer focuses mainly on medium to large sized contractors who are looking for high quality building supplies and construction equipment. The chain offers these products to a broad spectrum of contractors, may it be whether they are building houses, schools, office parks or other. Builders Trade Depot also offers credit facilities to their approved contractors as well as competitive pricing and product advice.

Builders Warehouse specials and deals on Guzzle

Builders Warehouse, Express and Trade Depot are one of (if not the most) well known building and home DIY chain within South Africa. Builders caters for every possible DIY need you might have, browse their online catalogues and find specials on their superior products now.

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