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Refresh with Delicious aQuelle Bottled Water

aQuelle offers pure, fresh bottled water and flavoured waters that refresh. Find out about all available bottled water specials right here.

Refresh with Delicious aQuelle Bottled Water

If you are looking for a bottled water brand that delivers value for money and a refreshing taste, then you’ve found it with aQuelle, sourced from water found buried along Kranskop. It started as a means to support the needs of the local community, but once tested, this water proved too pure to be used for bathing or gardening. It just had to be bottled, hence the start of the aQuelle revolution!

The first aQuelle bottling plant was established in 1997 to effectively bottle and sell this exceptional water. Soon afterwards the brand burst onto the market, offering four typically South African flavours including:

Honey Melon

Soon the popularity of the brand demanded more flavours, and the zesty Lemon and the two “Lite” flavours of Youngberry and Peach were born. These flavours satisfy and accommodate the market’s needs and provide consumers with delicious tasting, fresh water that keeps South Africa hydrated.

With so many flavours to choose from, you can enjoy any taste that appeals to you. Available in 500ml and 1.25ml bottles, you can find the size and flavour that will appeal to you and your family. If you are looking for a tasty and affordable way to beat the South African summers, aQuelle will help you to just that. This delicious and healthy alternative to sodas will keep your thirst quenched and your taste buds alive.

Great aQuelle Deals All Year Round

Enjoy the many great flavours of aQuelle with great bottled water specials from Guzzle. At Guzzle we work hard to provide our users with the very best and latest specials available on the market. You can check back on our aQuelle page for the latest deals on this leading brand and save money while getting more value for your buck.

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