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Achieve A Greater Clean With Great Deals On Jik

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Achieve A Greater Clean With Great Deals On Jik

Jik has become a household name in South Africa. Millions of South Africans turn to Jik to clean and protect their homes against germs and dirt. Throughout the years Jik has certainly solidified its position in South Africa as the leading bleach that continues to provide South Africans with the many uses that they demand from their bleach product.

There are two types of Jik bleach available on the market today. Their thin bleach range is used for both household and garment cleaning. This range includes the Regular, Pot Pourri, Lemon Fresh and Perfumed lines. Their regular line is the only bleach without any fragrance, while Jik’s Lemon, Pot Pourri and Perfume leave your clothes and home smelling fresh.

Their range of thick white bleach offers your clothes the superior whitening that they need, while preventing the gradual greying of white garments that are regularly exposed to bleach. Throughout the years, Jik has continually invested in the very latest and most cutting-edge product development to ensure that their bleach products remain at the forefront of innovation.

When you invest in any Jik product, you can rest assured that you are indeed receiving the very best value for your money. Give your home and garments the protection and cleaning they deserve and use Jik bleach daily.

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