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Joseph Stern an immigrant from Austria opened the very first Sterns store in Johannesburg in 1896. He believed that a combination of excellent quality of product and skilled craftsmanship one could create the ultimate piece of jewellery. To this day, over 115 years later the brand still holds onto this philosophy.

Sterns are eager to share in the joy of great life occasions and endeavour to create that perfect piece of jewellery for that special moment. This commitment to their customers sets them apart from the rest. Sterns specialise in beautiful jewellery which take your breath away, and their stunning diamonds really do!

Sterns stores even offer great credit options which allows their beautiful diamonds to be affordable and accessible for everyone.

Sterns know that purchasing a diamond is a very special occasion and there is much thought which goes into this process, that is why Sterns, as diamond experts are there to help you in every way. Sterns believe that the best place to start when purchasing a diamond is to begin with the 4 C’s.

The 4 C’s at Sterns

Carat: This is the standard unit of weight for a diamond as is worth 100 points. For instance, a half carat diamond is worth fifty points, written as 0.5 carats. The bigger the diamond, the more rare and therefore the more valuable.

Cut: This refers to the shape of the diamond. The ideal cut allows the best reflection of light. Stens can help you choose the best cut for your needs.

Colour: A diamond can be any colour, but the more colourless it is- the more valuable it is deemed.

Clarity: All diamonds have small marks or defects which make diamonds unique. The closer the diamonds claritys is to ‘flawless’ the greater the value.

Sterns specials

Sterns diamonds are unique and often a wide range of Stens specials are available throughout the year. All Sterns diamonds come with a diamond certificate to convey authenticity, in fact, you should always get a diamond certificate with any diamond purchase, no matter where you purchase it from. diamond.

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