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Bathroom Bizarre

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Bathroom Bizarre came into existence in 1995, it is a well known South African sanitary ware supplier. Bathroom Bizarre is a family business and as a result it is a trustworthy sanitary ware store. Its first original retail store was found in Edenvale. Moreover Bathroom Bizarre aims to ensure that customers purchase high quality merchandise for the most affordable prices.

Currently Bathroom Bizarre has stores located countrywide, with 26 stores located throughout the country. At the moment the store has a wide selection of products in order to appeal to a variety of different consumers. Furthermore Bathroom Bizarre has in stock a large number of local and international sanitary ware brands. By selling a wide selection of brands, Bathroom Bizarre will be able to cater for all income brackets.

In 2010 Bathroom Bizarre was able to add tiles to its product offering. This was Bathroom Bizarre will be able to satisfy a wide range of consumers from low income brackets to higher income bra great idea as customers are now able to get everything that is needed just under one roof. In addition all tiles at Bathroom Bizarre are sold at reasonable prices, and they of high quality. Moreover Bathroom Bizarre, is popular for outstanding service and in the support of consumers. Moreover there are more than 300 staff members. To continue offering its staff the best overall training, in order to make sure that staff are able to go the extra mile for the client, and make sure that customers are satisfied, so that they are able to come back, and further use word of mouth to make others aware of Bathroom Bizarre.

Products that are sold at Bathroom Bizarre stores are as follows:

Taps: A wide range of stunning taps for bathrooms or kitchens are sold at Bathroom Bizarre outlets nationwide.

Baths: Bathroom Bizarre offers a wide selection of baths for customers to choose from.

Shower Doors: Elegant shower doors are sold at Bathroom Bizarre stores at affordable prices.

Sinks: Kitchen Sinks in different designs and sizes can be purchased at Bathroom Bizarre outlets nationwide.

Toilets: A wide toilet range, toilet seats and urinals, all are available in stunning designs at Bathroom Bizarre stores.

Basins: A variety of basins are in stock at Bathroom Bizarre, some of the ranges are: combo range, counter top range, a drop in basin range, a free standing range and much more.

Bathroom Mirrors: A non framed range, mirror vanity range, and framed range, bathroom mirrors in different designs can be purchased at Bathroom Bizarre stores.

Vanities: A floor vanity range, floor vanity havana range, floor vanity peru range, and much more ranges a can be found at Bathroom Bizarre outlets nationwide.

Accessories: Single towel rails, soap dishes, soap dispensers, toilet brush holders and much more stunning bathroom related accessories are available at all Bathroom Bizarre outlets.


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