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27 Nov. 2023 – 10 Dec. 2023

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27 Nov. 2023 – 24 Dec. 2023

Last day of the catalogue!

13 Nov. 2023 – 24 Dec. 2023

6 Nov. 2023 – 24 Dec. 2023

6 Nov. 2023 – 24 Dec. 2023

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About Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay Specials (Latest Catalogues)

Founded in 1967 by a man named Raymond Ackerman, Pick n Pay is a family-owned business that aims to please its customers and make life easier as the world evolves, with all the services that it has to offer. 

The Pick n Pay brand has grown tremendously and has stores in countries such as Mozambique, Mauritius, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.

Pick n Pay has since listed on the Johannesburg Stock exchange and has expanded to offer customers more than just groceries but also clothing and other non-food items.

In 2007, Pick n Pay also had a rebrand, which resulted in the Pick n Pay logo getting a new look, however certain features of the logo were retained such as the colour. 

The rebranding can be attributed to the change that the business needed in order to bring more energy into the business. Moreover, the Pick n Pay group consists of the following brand extensions:

• Clothing

• Pharmacy

• Liquor

• Organic Product Range

• Home Shopping

• Recycling Point

• Groceries

• Florist

Pick n Pay also offers customers a range of services such as the following:

Courier Services

Pick n Pay partnered with courier company Aremax to allow customers to send items from one Pick n Pay store to any household.

Financial Services

Pick n Pay allows customers to do banking, money transfers, deposits and withdrawals at any store.

Customers can also open up a Pick n Pay store account to buy items on credit. 

Students are also allowed to use their Fundi card, NSFAS, CELBUX or their Intellicard to purchase items at selected Pick n Pay stores.

SASSA claimants can also withdraw their money or use their cards to buy groceries at Pick n Pay.

Send money across the borders to family and friends at any Pick n Pay store using Mama Money.

Standard Bank customers can also do their banking at Pick n Pay branches. 

Value-Added Services

Customers can now pay bills at any Pick n Pay store.

Customers can also top-up their e-toll cards, buy prepaid electricity,

They can also pay for bus tickets and purchase flight tickets at any Pick n Pay.

Is there an event happening in your area? You can try booking tickets for the event at Pick n Pay stores or Webtickets.

You can also play the Lotto or place bets on Hollywoodbets at Pick n Pay.

Need to buy someone a gift? Why not buy a grocery voucher or Gift card such as a Netflix card or Apple store card at any Pick n Pay store.


Pick n Pay offers customers insurance or device cover on smartphones and appliances.

The company also offers extended warranties on goods, customers can apply for them in-store.

Cellular Services

Customers can buy airtime or data in any Pick n Pay store. 

Pick n Pay also has a variety of smartphones and tablets available to be purchased in-store.

Customers can also buy and RICA their sim cards in-store.


Customers can have their groceries delivered to their door if they purchase them online on the Pick n Pay website or when using the Pick n Pay ASAP! App.

Pick n Pay Asap! offers same-day delivery, so that customers can receive groceries in as little as 60 minutes from their order.

Pick n Pay Digital Receipts 

In 2021, Pick n Pay introduced digital receipts to its customers. Instead of receiving printed receipts, Smart Shoppers will now have their till receipts emailed directly to them and they can also be loaded onto the customer’s PnP mobile app.

The new digital receipts will be used in all Pick n Pay outlets, including Liquor, Clothing, and Express stores. 

Digital receipts will also be stored for 90 days on the customer’s PnP mobile app so that it can be saved in one place and easily accessible. 

Pick n Pay Magazine

The Pick n Pay brand has a customer magazine titled Fresh Living. The main focus of the magazine is to communicate with a range of Pick N Pay customers. The publication is doing very well, as it has won a couple of awards.

Pick n Pay Specials, Catalogues & Deals

Pick n Pay Specials & deals are available at all stores countrywide. 

These specials are offered at very competitive prices and are offered in order to assist customers to purchase products that are of high value.

Pick n Pay catalogues are also available on a regular basis for a specific time period, offering customers a wide selection of products at very competitive prices.

So browse through Guzzle now for the latest deals near you.

Stores Countrywide

Pick n Pay stores are located throughout all nine provinces of South Africa. In addition more stores are also located on the African continent.

Browse the latest Pick n Pay catalogues and special deals.

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