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1 Aug. 2022 – 28 Aug. 2022

25 Jul. 2022 – 20 Aug. 2022

25 Jul. 2022 – 21 Aug. 2022

25 Jul. 2022 – 21 Aug. 2022

25 Jul. 2022 – 9 Aug. 2022

25 Jul. 2022 – 28 Aug. 2022

25 Jul. 2022 – 9 Aug. 2022

18 Jul. 2022 – 14 Aug. 2022

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Checkers | Latest Catalogues and Specials

In 1991 Shoprite Holdings bought the Checkers supermarket chain and now has over 197 stores across South Africa and a few in Namibia.

They strive to give customers a better shopping experience and offer a variety of fresh, innovative and exciting products at hugely competitive prices.

Their promise to the consumer is as follows:

Checkers Hyper and related supermarket stores offer better savings, better quality and better service than any other retail outlet.


Checkers Hyper and other Checkers stores offer a variety of products including:

Checkers food products: For all food and related products including fresh meat, fresh vegetables, fruits, tinned foods and a lot more.

Butchery: Checkers stores boasts excellent butcheries in each of their stores, offering a variety of fresh meat products such as steak, lamb, boerewors and chicken.

Cheese world: Checkers cheese world offers a variety of gourmet cheeses at hugely reduced prices.

Coffee: Checkers also offers a massive range of local and imported coffees from around the world.

Wine: Each Checkers also provides a wide range of local and imported wines of the best quality.

Checkers LiquorShop: They also have a Checkers LiquorShop that sells a variety of alcohol for every occasion, again at hugely reduced rates.

Recipes: Check out the Checkers website for a variety of recipes to choose from. Famous Chef’s such as Gordon Ramsay, Jenny Morris and Nataniel have also contributed to the Checkers recipe collection.

Checkers and Guzzle

Take a look on Guzzle for a variety of Checkers specials from Checkers Hyper, Checkers Supermarket and Checkers LiquorShop. Browse online catalogues and find Checkers stores near you.

Also, the Checkers website is jam packed with tons of wine and platter information, specials, deals, recipes and much more, so visit the website now!