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20 May. 2024 – 23 Jun. 2024

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About Cashbuild

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Cashbuild is one of Africa’s largest building materials retailers and has been listed on the JSE since 1986. They sell a variety of building material such as bricks, paint, hardware, lentils, wood, doors, frames, piping and much more. They sell directly to cash paying customers at over 206 stores throughout Malawi, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia.

Cashbuild employs over 4 500 people and is a preferred supplier as they offer quality building products at competitive prices to the local market. People who generally purchase their products include homebuilders, home improvers, farmers, traders and contractors who specialise in building and construction.

Core Values

Some of Cashbuild stores core values include:

Striving to do it right the first time.

Encourage people to find ways to innovate.

Show respect, honesty and integrity in all dealings.

Empower people to develop to their full potential and be successful.

They manage their business by ‘the Cashbuild way.’


Cashbuild is involved with a variety of CSI initiatives. They focus primarily on recruiting local people into their stores and employ a range of managers from regions with which they trade. They also give preference to local suppliers and support a range of black economic empowerment initiatives.

They also initiate projects within local communities to encourage local entrepreneurs to produce a variety of building materials such as bricks, blocks, wood, piping, lentils, etc. Cashbuild then purchase these products from these entrepreneurs and on-sell them.

Cashbuild are very much involved with the local communities with which they trade and see the need to make a positive contribution to them. They consider this a key aspect of their mission.

Cashbuild and Guzzle

Cashbuild has proven to be a leading building supplier retailer not only in SA, but throughout other parts of Africa as well. Their contribution to entrepreneurs, small business and local market is excellent and truly assists the local economy grow.

Browse Cashbuild catalogues now to find building products and supplies such as bricks, wood, cements, piping and much more at vastly reduced prices.