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Last day of the catalogue!

Last day of the catalogue!

Dion Wired | Latest Catalogues and Specials

Dion Wired offers a wide range of technology and related products. They have over 20 stores throughout South Africa and pride themselves in providing quality products and services to their customers.

Dion Wired stores offer a wide variety of products, including:

Audio visual products: This includes a wide range of TV, blu ray, home theater systems, DSTV decoders, Drifta’s and other visual technologies.

Audio Products: Dion Wired provides their clients a wide selection of IPods, amps, speakers and much more.

Appliances: Dion Wired showcases a massive variety of appliances. This includes small appliances such as coffee makers, heaters, irons, kitchen gadgets and much more. They also sell other larger home appliances such as microwaves, tumble dryers, fridges and more.

Computers and tech: Dion wired sells the most updated tech products including PCs, laptops, keyboards, software, modems, printers and much more.

Cell phones, tablets and gadgets: Dion wired also offers a wide range of cell phones, tablet and other gadgets such as kindle’s and other ereaders.

Gaming and movies: Dion Wired has a massive selection of games for every sort of console, including games for Playstation, XBox, Nintendo, WII and Leapfrog. They also offer a wide variety of movies and series for every taste. Photography and navigation: A large range of stunning camera’s are available from Dion Wired as well as a variety of GPS equipment, binoculars and video recorders.

Dion Wired Online

Dion Wired offers an e-commerce portal on their website. You can now not only view products, but purchase direct from their website. They also deliver products purchased online straight to your door (within South Africa) and if you are not happy with your purchase, you have up to 10 days to return it!

Dion Wired on Guzzle

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Dion Wired Expired Specials

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