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27 Jan. 2022 – 31 Jan. 2022

27 Jan. 2022 – 31 Jan. 2022

25 Jan. 2022 – 30 Jan. 2022

25 Jan. 2022 – 31 Jan. 2022



24 Jan. 2022 – 31 Jan. 2022


20 Jan. 2022 – 30 Jan. 2022

20 Jan. 2022 – 30 Jan. 2022

19 Jan. 2022 – 31 Jan. 2022

14 Jan. 2022 – 31 Jan. 2022

11 Jan. 2022 – 31 Jan. 2022

28 Dec. 2021 – 31 Jan. 2022

7 Dec. 2021 – 6 Feb. 2022

3 Dec. 2021 – 31 Jan. 2022

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Hifi Corporation | Latest Catalogues and Specials

HiFi Corp opened its doors in 1993 and aimed to bring the lowest prices to customers. Over 20 years later HiFi Corporation are seen as market leaders in their field offering quality products at hugely competitive prices.

HiFi Corp started out as Hi-Fi Corporation and subsequently re-branded to reposition themselves as South Africa’s one-stop shop for all electronic and electric products.

They also look to differentiate themselves through Market specific, customer centric services with specialist sales staff available on hand to cater for each and every individual customer requirement.

HiFi Corp have moved beyond a price-based value approach to provide clients with a more relevant and valuable shopping experience. Their everyday low prices, complemented by knowledgeable staff that can help customers make better choices.

Quite simply put- it’s tech shopping made easy.

As above, Hi-Fi Corporation have updated their identity to HiFi Corp in line with their new positioning.

All stores will eventually reflect the rebrand, this includes an updated store look and feel. Stores will offer an easily navigable, uncluttered experience, with informative point of sale material and knowledgeable staff aiming to empowering customers.

HiFi Corp Offerings

HiFi Corp offers a wide variety of tech products for your every need. This includes:

Audio Products: HiFi Corporation portable sound equipment, IPods, media players, car audio sound and a range of relevant accessories.

Laptops and Tablets: Including apple notebooks, laptops, e-readers, kindles, a range of tables such as IPad, Samsung, Galaxy tables and much more.

Cellular products: A range of cellular products also available from a variety of suppliers including Samsung, Apple, Blackberry and much more.

Gaming and Entertainment: Products for all gaming needs including Wii’s, Playstations, XBox, XBox Kinect, Nintendo and a variety of games. They also offer entertainment equipment such as DVDs and BluRays.

Televisions: HiFi Corp also offers a range of LED, Plasma, Smart, HDTVs and more. They also supply a range of decoders for all your entertainment requirements.

HiFi Corp offers quality products at competitive prices, browse Guzzle to view HiFi Corp specials and catalogues online now.