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21 Nov. 2023 – 23 Dec. 2023

Last day of the catalogue!

Last day of the catalogue!

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About Mica

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Mica Hardware is one of the largest hardware groups in South Africa with over 140 Mica Hardware stores nationwide. Each Mica Hardware store is member-owned and managed by a small group of retailers who provide full training, marketing, store development and financial support.

Mica Hardware mission and vision

The Mica Hardware vision is be become South Africa’s leading expert in Do-it-yourself and Hardware Brands in SA. They would like to be the No 1 Home improvement brand and South African consumers brand of choice.

They continuously strive to improve and innovate and their mission is to become the first choice destination for customers to improve their homes.

Mica Hardware are proud to be able to offer their members a massive amount of support and strive to constantly enhance and improve their product and service offerings.

The Mica business model

Mica Hardware stores operate on a completely transparent and flat management structure with all members fully aware of company developments and changes.

The company is structured as follows:

Mica Holdings and Mica Investments

All Mica Trademarks belong to Mica Holdings. Mica Holdings consists of 4 directors whom are reviewed annually to ensure efficient and effective business control.

Mica Investments is the operational company managed in accordance with corporate governance and consists of the four Mica Holdings Directors and 4 elected members from the Mica Hardware Store base.

Members Marketing Fees

All members are responsible for their own Mica Hardware store marketing contributions, but pay an additional 40% which contributes to high level Mica Hardware branding. Members pay no royalties and there are no other hidden costs associated.


All Mica members are also encouraged to become shareholders. This sort of ownership encourages knowledge sharing and increases members commitment to the Mica Hardware brand. Currently 90% of the new base are current shareholders.

Mica Hardware products

Mica offer their customers a wide variety of products including:

Building products and general hardware: Mica Hardware provides a massive amount of building products and general hardware including fencing, paint, bolts, screws, nuts, rods, locks and much more.

Power tools and hand tools: A variety of power tools and hand tools are available at Mica Hardware such as cordless drills, sabre saws, angle grinders, spanners, screwdrivers, saws and much more.

Plumbing equipment: If customers are looking to do their own home plumbing, a wide range of plumbing products are available including geysers, pumps, taps and more.

Sanware Products: Toilet seats, shower doors, baths and many more quality bathroom accessories can be found at Mica stores.

Garden Tools and outdoor products: A wide selection of garden equipment can be purchased at Mica Hardware stores including braais, patio furniture, hedge clippers, umbrellas, accessories and more.

Pets Products: A range of pet accessories for your dog, cat, hamster, bird or reptile are available at Mica Hardware.

Lightning and electrical Products: A wide variety of lighting products such as ceiling lights, desk lights, down lights, wall lights and bedside lamps can be purchased from Mica Hardware. Furthermore, other electrical products such as cables, audio visual products, wiring accessories and many more electrical products are also available.

Other: Mica Hardware’s range is so diverse that they even offer a wide range of other products for tiling, painting, fishing and automotive requirements.

Mica Hardware and Guzzle

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