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10 May. 2022 – 30 May. 2022

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Sportsmans Warehouse | Latest Catalogues and Specials


Sportsmans Warehouse specializes in a wide range of sporting equipment for the South African market. They have over 25 stores located countrywide as well as a Sportsmans Warehouse store located in Namibia. All Sportsmans Warehouse branded products are made from local as well as international manufacturers and adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Sportsmans Warehouse Staff

Sportsmans Warehouse have designed their in-store customer experience to be as quick, easy and simple as possible. All a customer needs is to have an idea of what they are looking for and the staff will gladly do the rest. For instance, if you are into running but don't know what type of shoe to get, just ask one of the friendly Sportsmans Warehouse staff to point you in the right direction! If you are into golf but don't know which clubs to purchase, ask a Sportsmans employee and they will gladly assist.

Staff at Sportsmans Warehouse stores are selected with caution. The staff are also required to attend training sessions regularly to improve their sport knowledge and performance. Such training sessions aim to ensure that staff are fully updated with the latest sport and industry knowledge which includes:

Latest in sports technologies.
Fully aware of the diverse range of products on offer at Sportsmans Warehouse.
Ensuring that the customer gets the right product the first time.

In fact, the majority of Sportsmans Warehouse staff are very much passionate about sports themselves and always willing to assist where possible.

Sportsmans Warehouse products

Sportsmans Warehouse offer the following products at their retail outlets nationwide:

Mens, womens and childrens products: Including a wide range of sporting products and accessories for running, cycling, outdoor, swimming, gym and other. Sportsmans Warehouse also offer a wide range of premium footwear for all sporting activities.

Individual, team and action sport products: Sportsmans Warehouse stocks equipment and accessories for all sports, including cricket, running, cycling, athletics, rugby, golf, tennis and many more!

Fitness products: If you are into cardio, yoga, pilates, weights, toning or any other form of fitness exercise, Sportsmans Warehouse will have all the required products and accessories for you!

Outdoor: A range of outdoor accessories and products are also available, this includes equipment for camping, hiking, snorkeling, water sports and much more!

Sportsmans Warehouse and Guzzle

Sportsmans Warehouse deals are always available throughout the year, so browse Guzzle now to find that perfect deal for you!

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