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Tops at Spar | Latest Catalogues and Specials


Tops at Spar is part of the bigger Spar Group chain and supplies a wide range of quality alcohol to customers nationwide. They are also referred to (by some) as Spar Tops and endeavour to provide customers a great in-store experience by ensuring spacious, clean stores and friendly service. Furthermore, Spar Tops retail outlets are all owner-managed which instills management with a great sense of pride for their stores; this further ensures great levels of service and customer satisfaction.

Spar Tops Special Products

Spar Tops provide a wide range of alcoholic (and nonalcoholic) beverages to their customers at very affordable prices, their products include:

Wines: Spar Tops offer a wide selection of exceptional wine. They provide a range of White wines varietals including sweet wine, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Blanc de Blanc amongst others. Their Red Wine selection is equally as impressive as they offer a wide range of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Malbec and much more! Spar Tops also offer a range of Rose wines dessert wines, ports and blends for those who prefer a more vibrant variety. Lastly Tops at Spar also provide a range of Sparkling wines and Champagnes for those who love bubbles.

Beers: Spar Tops provide a wide range of premium beers for beer lovers. They offer a wide range of local beers from reputable retailers such as SAB as well as local Craft beers and international beer varieties.

Spirits and shooters: Of course, every great bottle store offers only the best shooters and spirits at their outlets and Spar Tops is no different. Tops at Spar offers a wide range of premium Whiskeys, excellent Bourbons, Rums, Vodkas, Gins, Brandies and many other premium spirits. They also provide some great shooters including Caramel Vodka, Tequila, Po10C, Hot Lips, Tang, Sambuca and many others.

Non-Alcoholic drinks: Tops at Sparhas a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks available. These include soft drinks such as coke, fanta, sprite, tonic waters and more. They also provide a range of special mixers that customers can purchase to make cocktails such as Margaritas and Cosmopolitans - only requiring customers to add alcohol to complete them.

Snacks and other: Tops at Spar also offer a wide variety of snacks to accompany that drink. These include chips, biltong, chocolate, pretzels and much more.

Spar Tops Specials

Spar Tops provide a wide range of specials and deals throughout the year in KZN, the Inland areas, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and the Lowveld. All Spar Tops Specials and deals can be viewed on Guzzle via their Spar Tops Catalogues, so get browsing now!

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