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25 Oct. 2023 – 24 Dec. 2023

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About Toys R Us

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Toys R Us is one of South Africa’s leading children’s retailers. There have over 30 stores in South Africa and more than 1500 stores across the globe, making them one of the biggest toy and juvenile product retailers worldwide.

Toys R Us stores provide a wide range of toys and educational products to children of all ages, from babies below one years old right through to the teen age group. They also provide only the best merchandise from leading brands such as Lego, Nintendo, XBox, Marvel, Star Wars, Fischer Price, Uno and Playstation (to name a few.)

Toys R Us products

Toys R Us stores have a variety of products and their wide range includes:

Action figures: A wide range of action figures for kids of all ages, including RoboCop, Iron Man, Superman and many more.
Arts and crafts: Toys R Us also cater for kids interested in arts and crafts, their porducts include doll making kits, mosaic products, 3D art products, balloon animals and much more.
Baby toys: Including stuffed toys, action blocks, toy cars and trains as well as a variety of special baby toys from leading brands such as Fischer Price.
Bikes and Scooters: For the active child, Toys R Us offer a wide variety of bikes, scooters and skateboards. The also provide accessories such as helmets and gloves.
Boys toys: A wide variety of boys toys are available including roll playing toys, lego, wheel barrows, light sabers, fighter jets, other figurines and much more.
Girls toys: Toys R Us also provide toys for girls, this includes stuffed toys, dolls, barbie and barbie houses, floral art products and much more!
Games and Puzzles: Toys R Us also provide educational toys, games and puzzles for kids. Parents can purchase games such as UNO, Scrabble, Science Magic as well as a range of jigsaw puzzles to keep their children's minds active!

Toys R Us online store

Toys R Us have a full ecommerce website, this means that customers can purchase their products online, in the comfort of their own homes. They will even deliver the products straight to their customers within 5-10 days of purchase.

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