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Vodacom is a mobile communications network. Vodacom main emphasis is to provide Vodacom customers with airtime. Vodacom offers customers the following services to customers: Vodacom airtime, a cell number, a please call me service, and many more. Vodacom allows customers to purchase prepaid Vodacom airtime, as well as using a contracted phone. A Contract gives you the convenience of paying for services after you’ve used through a monthly debit order. Whereas prepaid allows the consumer to control how much they spend upfront. In addition Vodacom is also a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Vodacom can be also found in other countries on the African continent.

Vodacom consumer

Vodacom allows the customer to stay in touch with a range of different products and services. That can be through messages, phone calls, tweeting, status updates, and even sending money to someone else. Vodacom is there to make your life much easier. Moreover Vodacom is able to provide technology to consumers so that engagement with the world is made possible.

Vodacom offerings

During each month Vodacom Shop brings customers the latest deals at affordable prices. Customers can visit a Vodacom Shop in there area in order to get the latest on laptops, as well as accessories for cell phones. All Vodacom deals can be found at every single Vodacom Shop nationwide.

The Vodacom deals are priced from two hundred rand and upwards. In addition the Vodacom Approved Dealer magazine is there to showcase to customers more products offered by Vodacom. Furthermore the Vodacom deals have different names Vodacom Online Deals, Voda World Deals. Vodacom also provides monthly Vodacom catalogues to cater for consumer needs. Furthermore online catalogues are also available. Vodacom deals are available monthly, and are valid for a specific duration of time.

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