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Pargo launches new instant click and collect service

Smart logistics and delivery company Pargo announced that it has launched an Instant Click and Collect service. 

This service allows customers to instantly collect their orders at a Pargo Pick-up Point of their choice, without having to wait for the delivery.

Designed to appeal to Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), the company wanted to offer these operators and their customers an affordable delivery method for SIM cards.

Pargo effectively allows MVNOs to pre-ship and store SIM cards at selected pick-up points, so that they are immediately available for collection when the customer places an order.

This is built on Pargo’s current platform, which manages all communication and client tracking. The innovative service is available at any of the 2,000+ Pargo Pick-up Points across the country, including Clicks, Lewis, and Caltex stores.

 Customers order their SIM card via a call centre or online via their app and instantly receive a collection notification, which enables them to walk into the Pargo Pick-up Point to collect, with no delay.

Written by: Staff Writer.

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