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Samsung launches new Neo QLED and Micro LED TVs for 2021

Samsung during a virtual First Look event broadcasted ahead of CES 2021, revealed the new technology that will power its flagship 4K and 8K Micro LED and Neo QLED TVs.

CES is The Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest trade shows in the world and tech companies from around the world use this platform to showcase new devices and advances in technology. 

According to Samsung, its new line of TVs is part of its commitment to accessibility, sustainability, and innovation with new advancements that help redefine the role of television in consumer homes.

“During the past year, we have witnessed the pivotal role technology played in helping us carry on with our lives and stay connected with each other,” said JH Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. 

“Our commitment to an inclusive and sustainable future goes hand-in-hand with our relentless pursuit for innovation to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs – from reducing the carbon footprint of our products to providing a suite of accessibility features, to offering an unparalleled viewing experience that fits each user’s lifestyle.”

Samsung noted that it will embark on a journey of “Going Green” initiative by aligning TV business operations through the following long-term sustainability programs such as reducing carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency, sustainable packaging design and introducing a solar cell remote control.

“Samsung is introducing a whole new display technology, Neo QLED, to its flagship 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models,” the company said in a statement.

“Samsung is taking QLED to the next level enabled by a new light source, Quantum Mini LED precisely controlled by Quantum Matrix Technology and Neo Quantum Processor, a powerful picture processor optimized for Neo QLED.”

Quantum Mini LEDs are 1/40 the height of a conventional LED, and instead of using a lens to disperse light and a package to fix the LED in place, these new LEDs have thin micro lays filled with more LEDs.

“Quantum Matrix Technology enables ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs, preventing blooming—and allowing viewers to enjoy the content as its meant to be seen,” Samsung said.

The Neo QLED TVs which use this technology deliver a greatly improved luminance scale and HDR experience.

These displays are also powered by the company’s new Neo Quantum Processor, which boasts enhanced upscaling capabilities that allow Neo QLED TVs to optimise picture quality to 4K and 8K output regardless of input quality.

Samsung will also launch its first Micro-LED consumer TVs this year, which will be available in sizes up to 110 inches.

These self-illuminating displays are set to roll out before the end of the year and comprise 24 million individually-controlled LEDs for lifelike colours and brightness.

“Available in 110-inches, 99-inches, and smaller sizes by the end of the year, the new Micro LED line uses micrometer-sized LED lights to eliminate the backlight and colour filters utilized in conventional displays,” Samsung said.

“And with a Monolith Design defined by over 99% screen-to-body ratio, all you will see is the breathtaking picture quality.”

The tech giant also noted that it will be updating its award-winning, "The Frame" TV design. 

Since launching in 2017, The Frame has redefined the television, transforming displays into stunning works of art, with over one million units sold.

The 2021 version builds on The Frame’s innovative legacy, offering a more customizable experience in a slimmer form. The Frame is about half thinner compared to previous iterations, mirroring the depth of a traditional picture frame.

New attachable bezel options come in five colour options and two different customizable styles—Modern and Beveled—to match the aesthetic of whatever room The Frame is in.

With a subscription to The Frame’s all-new Art Store, consumers will be able to enjoy 1,400+ carefully curated pieces. Samsung’s new AI-based auto-curation technology better analyzes individual consumer preferences to recommend artwork.

Here are images of the new TVs:

1. Neo QLED TVs


2. Micro-LED TV


3. The 2021 Frame 

Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

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