5 Essential Cape Argus Tips

Cycle Tour

With the Cape Argus Cycle Tour happening this weekend we at Guzzle thought we would share 5 essential tips with those doing it for the first time to make sure everything goes as smoothly and wonderfully as possible! It also doesn’t help that we like to make sure it’s easier on your pocket! With the amount of training you need to put in amongst everything else on your mind, it’s sometimes difficult to even think about finding the best prices, so let’s go!


1. Hydration.

One of the first most obvious things to remember is hydration! It can never be understated to how important this is. Make sure you have at least 6 - 8 glasses of water the day before the race. During the race you going to want to take a few swigs of water every 30min and adjust it to the intensity and conditions of the race.

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2. Sun Protection

The sun can be pretty punishing while you’re out on the road. Apply sunscreen 30min before exposure and make sure it’s 30 SPF or higher. If you are a heavy sweater it’s best to get a water resistant sunblock to make sure the protection doesn’t wane during your ride. Just make sure you’ve covered all areas including your face, ears and neck.

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3. Dealing with Chafing

There are a few ways to manage and combat chafing. Make sure you have a quality bike shorts that offers protection to chafing with a liner and chamois. As an added extra you can make sure you change shorts often. You can also make sure you have a seat that fits you right and minimizes friction. One all round way is to lubricate or lotion up, a light coat of lotion or vaseline can often do the trick. You will just need to experiment yourself.

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4. Carbo-Loading

To make sure you have all the fuel you need for the big day, you are going to need to carbo load to make up for all the hard training beforehand. You should start 2 days before the race to give your body sufficient rest and time to stock up on those precious carbs! The rule of thumb is to consume 10 grams of carbs for 1kg of your body weight. Don’t be too hasty though and shock your stomach; pace yourself and spread it out over the 2 days.

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5.Your Victory Meal!

We all know the most important part of participating in the Cape Town Cycle Tour is the competition with yourself. Once completing it, you’ve won! All that hard work and preparation, not to mention the willpower to see everything through! Well here at Guzzle, we definitely see you as a champion! So go ahead and make sure you recover nicely with a great meal of your choosing. Make sure you get all the protein and carbs your poor body needs after it’s glorious trial.

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