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Cell C Black

Is This The Future Of Entertainment In South Africa?

6 November 2017 / Brandon Lee Westraat


Cell C has been a little quiet after their last deal with Huawei but now we know why. Cell C has just launched Cell C Black, an Entertainment platform offering video, music, concert tickets and sports betting.

“No longer will you have to wait 9 months before you can watch the newest movies in South Africa,” said Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos. “As soon as it is off the big screen, it will become available on Black.” Cell C has also secured sports rights for the platform, which includes the delayed live streaming of football games played by Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Real Madrid. Dos Santos said they are working to reduce the period for which the streams will be delayed, and that they are close to finalizing other sports content. Black has also secured the exclusive rights to several series, will feature 66 live streaming channels including news and are nearing a deal with Fox.

So It Looks like Cell C is trying to combine a mixture of Netflix, DStv and a bit of betting for all you risk takers out there. But is it wise trying to put all of this under one roof plus it's a bit presumptuous saying it is “The future of entertainment”

Cell C is offering a couple subscription packages :

HD Movie purchases will range from R49 to R169. The streaming Service will set you back R99 per month. If you want an all-inclusive service, and be able to access it on all platforms it's going to cost you R389.; And lastly, the sports service will be R5 per day.

If you aren't keen on purchasing these subscriptions through credit card you can load up and purchase them with your airtime. The service is set to go live on the 14th of November .it will be available on Android and iOS via apps, will have its own set-top box from Cell C, and will be available through web browsers. If you aren't a Cell C customer, don't stress, the company has said that you don't need to be a cell c subscriber to use the service

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