5 Easter Activity Ideas!

Easter Fun

With Easter around the corner, it’s sometimes difficult to plan out your Easter weekend and make the most out of this special time with the family. So our team at Guzzle decided to put together a small list to spark off your celebrations and even save you a buck or two! Whatever you choose to do this Easter, there is always something for you!


1. There is nothing more exciting, fun and wondrous than searching for delicious Easter eggs in the garden. This is a great activity for the kids which inspires wonder and often leaves fond memories deep into adulthood. There are various ways you can organize the hunt other than giving the kids a basket and setting them off to find your hidden treats. Add a little more adventure by drawing a map (if they're older), or leaving a trail for them to follow that results in an Easter surprise . Our favorite would be to leave bunny footprints in the garden; inducing wonder and imagination!

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2. Another fun activity for Easter is a family bake-a-thon! The smells, the laughs, family bonding and of course enjoying your treats in the end makes it an ideal activity for Easter. You can find plenty of baking recipes online or you can take a gander at this Hot Cross Bun recipe.!

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3. Take your celebration outside and mix it up with all your Easter treats, baking goods and delectable food with the family. Keep it light with some fresh sarmies and drinks with some hot cross buns on the side. Pack a basket of Easter eggs and turn it into part Easter egg hunt for the kids.

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4. Make your Own Easter Egg baskets! Make a gift for the whole family and create an Easter egg basket! You can either leave it as a morning surprise in the kitchen or a gift to extended family, or even a reward to the kids for good behaviour, chores and any Easter games you set out for the family. Add an assortment of Easter eggs, bunnies and treats with just enough variety to give it visual appeal as well as variety in taste.

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5. make the most of the sun before Autumn and Winter take hold and get the kinds involved in some outdoor games this Easter! Get some extra-tough Black Bags, or brown hessian sacks and stage your very own potato sack race! It's sure to get everyone laughing this Easter! An egg and spoon race is also a popular choice; add an Easter reward to all these activities and watch the concentration on everyone's faces as they try to win it!

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