First Look At The iPhone X

Our Impression Of The Iphone 10 And If You Are Wondering What Happened To 9 , So Are We.


By Brandon-Lee Westraat on 14th September 2017

Back in 2006, the most prominent noise we all heard was the clicking of those mechanical qwerty keyboards on our smartphones and for some reason, we thought they were just amazing (if only we knew what we do now). And I was no exception to this. I loved my blackberry, it was my best friend but we all had no idea what was coming our way…

Then In January of 2007, Steve Jobs blew our minds and unveiled the original iPhone. I wonder if he knew this would change the mobile and personal computing industry forever.

Now In 2017, We see the product produced by the culmination of ten years of the Apple iPhone. In a building named after Steve Jobs, His successor, Tim Cook took the stage and introduced us to the new iPhone X , the phone that he and apple believe will change the next ten years of the smartphone industry.



The iPhone X, which is actually pronounced iPhone 10, represents the most radical change to the way Apple has designed the iPhone over the past, stepping away from the iconic round home button. Now the iPhone ten boast a Bezel-less(not really) screen that spans almost the entire front face of the phone, par a notch in the top of the front edge. So What do you think of the newest, most expensive iPhone yet, that looks nothing like its predecessors? It's looking awfully similar to some other android phones we have seen this year, with and without that notch (cheaper too).




Let's Talk Specs...


In a body that’s smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has packed a display which at 5.8-inches is its largest yet on a smartphone. Belatedly, Apple has caught up with the Android manufacturers when it comes to having a screen-to-body ratio that’s befitting a smartphone shipping in 2017. That's not all though. Another piece of tech has been thrown in, now Apple has finally caught up and debuted their first phone with OLED, something Samsung has been doing for a little while now.Guess where Apple is getting the displays for the iPhone x from. Give yourself a round of applause if you said Samsung.

At the launch event, Apple said it believes OLED technology is finally at a place where it is able to offer brightness levels, wide color support, and color accuracy that the company desires. The ‘Super Retina’ display on the iPhone X ticks all the right boxes when it comes to specifications: 1125x2436 pixels, 458ppi screen, Dolby Vision, HDR10, True Tone, and a one million-to-one contrast ratio. In terms of performance, the iPhone X display is as good as we’ve seen on any smartphone.

The Phone Is definitely a good looking device but you are probably wondering what's happening to the fingerprint sensor now that the home button is gone. Is it in the back or under the screen? Nope, it is gone, probably for the best, I Once knew a guy who set it up with his toe. Imagine what a mission that was But apparently apple has something than a phone you can unlock with your toe, Face ID. now before you jump to conclusions and say it doesn't work on other devices so why should it work on the iPhone X. You see the notch on the top of the phone?, that is what Tim Cook would call magical. The Face ID is enabled thanks to an array of sensors in that notch we talked about. Thanks to a Dot Projector, an Infrared Camera, and a Flood Illuminator, the iPhone X is able to build a 3D model of your face, even in the dark. Apple says this means Face ID cannot be fooled using your picture, or even a face mask that would trick most humans. All the “professional” Makeup Artist Out there might have some trouble though.




A fun new iPhone X feature that the TrueDepth camera system enables is called Animoji. Honestly, the only thing I'm excited about really, super childish I know, sue me.It lets you send messages where emojis can take your face and voice. While incredibly fun, it will be interesting to see if Animojis continue to be used once the novelty wears off. There are other software touches that are different about the iPhone X: you now swipe up from the bottom edge to mimic the functionality of the home button; swipe and briefly hold to bring up the multitasking view; and slide down from the right of the notch to bring the Control Center into view.

As you would expect, the iPhone X comes with a bunch of other enhancements: improved cameras, now able to shoot 1080p video at 240fps with Quad-LED True Tone flash on the rear, the A11 Bionic SoC that’s the fastest-ever smartphone chip on paper, stereo speakers that are 25% louder, water and dust resistance, wireless charging, and a whole lot more.

The iPhone X will be available to pre-order from 27 October and will launch on 3 November. The 64GB model will sell for $999, it's also coming 256GB version.Unfortunately, there is no official word yet on when it will be officially available in South Africa.