Funniest Shopping Moment 14

Chantal Esterhuizen's Funniest Shopping Moment

I work for a private jeweller that used to be based in Greenacres mall in PE. We sell jewellery and repair and manufacture items as well. Anyhow, one Saturday morning a customer comes in to ask if we do polishing of items, i say yes we do. She proceeds to take out a set of false teeth that had the little pieces of gold in it and asks me to have it polished for her. Um, I was GOBSMACKED, i didnt know if I should laugh or be serious! I took the teeth (in a plastic bag) to our goldsmith and asked if he would polish it. The look on his face? Same as mine I guess, PRICELESS! Well, we polished the gold and the teeth, and it was truely the strangest and grossest thing we have ever done in the jeweller! We still laugh about the story.