Funniest Shopping Moment 4

Salma Mansuri's Funniest Shopping Moment

I am not skilled at shopping, clothes shopping specifically. Embarrassing or funny things usually happen when I go, which I don't mind, however I don’t do it often and usually try to keep it as short as possible. On this particular glorious day, I was at Woollies Sporting Goods looking at their under armor stuff. I say "stuff" because it used to be when you said under armor you meant, skintight spandex, but now they have everything from shoes to hoodies to backpacks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with an under armor wallet! Well, actually, I might. Anyway before continuing you have to know something about my unique shopping technique. I wander. Mostly aimlessly, although I usually start out near the area I want, I normally have only a vague idea of what I am there for. So I try not to spend much time looking at one thing. Mostly because I don’t want to be asked multiple times by a sales associate if they can help me find anything. No they can't, because I have no clue! So I wander. Anyway back to under armor. I was meandering around the sock department which is close to the under armor dept. I saw a package of socks, they looked like good socks, so I turned them over and started reading the back. Now I guess I was completely absorbed in reading the socks package because when I looked up there was this little lady and her kids standing unusually close to me. Close as in less than 5 inches. I thought to myself. “Hmm this is odd I guess she really like socks, or doesn’t care much for personal space.” So I put the socks back. It all happened so fast! One minute I'm replacing the socks on the rack, the next thing I know she is jumping out of her skin and her kids are screaming! Here are her exact words; “OH MY GOSH I THOUGHT YOU WERE A MANAQUIN!" I thought this was extremely funny especially since all the mannequins in look like Olympic weight lifters, and I do not, but we we ended up having a good laugh about it anyway!