Funniest Shopping Moment 5


Charis KB's Funniest Shopping Moment


I suffer with the most hectic migraines, and it so happened my medication was changed on the same day I had to do my monthly shopping! I was so out of it - and was feeling like a genuine zombie. Anyway, it was quiet cold that day so I had dressed my daughter with a green hoodie, and as we were shopping she was monkeying around running up and dwn the aisles. I was shouting at her and I got to a point where I just lifted her up and placed her in the trolley. As normal there was complaining, but I just ignored her and carried on with my shopping until she went quiet. About 10 minutes later I hear an announcement in the store: " We have a little girl at information - she is lost and says her name is Tanya. We also have a dad looking for his daughter wearing a green hoodie called Nakita." OMG!!! I turned the child around and she was quiet content no tears or anything and I realised it wasn't my daughter! I then asked, "Is your name Nakita sweetie?", a little "yes" was the reply! I rushed over to information desk - I was so embarrassed and my WHOLE FACE was as red as a tomatoe. I apoligized to the dad and took my very unimpressed daughter into my arms.