Funniest Shopping Moment 6

Belinda Viret's Funniest Shopping Moment

My hubby and I borrowed his dad’s car, a white Opal Monza, to go shopping at Bay View Shopping Centre one Saturday morning. We came out of the centre with our trolley full of groceries, unlocked the car boot and loaded in the bags. We then unlocked the doors and got in. Oddly, the seats were not quite in the same position as before, but we readjusted them into comfortable positions and realigned the mirrors. Driving out of the parking lot, hubby put out his hand to turn on the radio, which had, in a single hour, mysteriously transformed into a super-deluxe sound system! We were extremely puzzled! Looking for an explanation, we noticed another strange thing: there were papers on the back seat that hadn’t been there before. With horror, we realised this was not our car! Red faced, and full of dread at meeting the real owner, we turned back. The original parking had now been taken, so we chose the next closest space. Expecting the wail of police sirens at any moment, helicopters to swoop in and guns to be cocked at us ‘car-jackers’ – and already wondering if the courts would understand this was purely a mistake – we opened the boot, grabbed our shopping bags and fled. This time we made sure we were getting into the right car! Calming down after that freaky shopping experience, we had a giggle about the other car owner: would they notice their car was parked elsewhere, and that the seats and mirrors had moved? Would they wonder how on earth a half-full bottle of milk with a straw came to be in the cooldrink holder? Sadly – or gladly – we are unlikely to ever find out!