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Guzzle differentiating factors and market influence in numbers

Guzzle is a business brand that has become synonymous with all things retail. Retailers and brands across the country have found Guzzle to be the ideal platform with a broad audience reach and the right product offerings catering to their business needs.

Consumers, on the other hand, rely on Guzzle to browse products across the country to assist them in making informed purchasing decisions and conduct their shopping with ease and at affordable prices.

With many service providers aspiring to reach the success that Guzzle has achieved, it’s worth looking at what makes Guzzle different.

These are the Guzzle differentiating factors:

Print and digital catalogues

The first differentiator worth noting is that Guzzle is an aggregation portal featuring both paper and digital catalogues. This is achieved by capturing thousands of products on special each week from major retailers across the country. This means consumers can search for a variety of discounted products with convenience.

Locally based

Guzzle proudly stands as the only South African based (locally based team) catalogue aggregator business website which holds commercial relationships with leading SA retailers and brands.

Programmatic banner ads

Programmatic banner ads allow retailers to automatically buy and optimise digital campaigns in a creative and data-driven manner. Retailers can count on Guzzle to strategically target the relevant and appropriate audience through their banner ads.

Guzzle has additional access to a vast audience reach through Caxton’s 100+ list of credible publisher websites. Programmatic banner ads over this extended network boast over 24 million monthly impressions.

Automated catalogue creation

Guzzle has a unique automated catalogue creation ability. By bringing the shopping cart into your catalogue, Guzzle assists retailers to improve their conversion rates up to 30%. Retailers can depend on Guzzle to increase shopper engagement and drive purchasing appetite and decision-making by consumers.

Catalogue software technology

Guzzle has over the years put in place digital catalogue software technology which retailers can depend on. There are two distinct software solutions in place which are hosted catalogue and intelligent catalogue solutions. Hosted refers to the fact that Guzzle can allow retailers to use the Guzzle catalogue engine on their store or retail website.

This goes a long way in promoting engagement and products. Intelligent catalogue solution on the other hand
involves the hosting of digital catalogues for access from any web-enabled device. This is set up as an interactive catalogue that allows shoppers to search for products across catalogues. It also comes with a buy now link mapped to the product listing page on the retail website.

Retail talk

Guzzle not only provides access to deals and discounts but has positioned itself as a reliable information portal for news and relevant retail developments.

The Retail Talk is a content blog that publishes articles and information pieces catering for product launches, retail trends, product developments, regulatory developments, retail insights, and tips, etc. This category’s landing page boasts an average of more than 82,000 sessions a month.

Category and price comparison services

The essence of Guzzle is about convenience and cost-effectiveness on the part of the consumer but also allowing retailers to have an effective audience reach. Guzzle has over a period of time invested in critical tools with regards to data gathering and use.

These assists Guzzle to offer retailers retail category comparison services. This is achieved by collecting and analysing trends and price points within product categories in which the retailers’ catalogue is hosted. E.g., Appliances/Electronics, Building/DIY, etc.

Guzzle deals

Guzzle as an innovative business is constantly looking for ways to improve its product offering. Guzzle will soon have a product offering for consumer brands and another one called “Guzzle Deals”.

The difference between the two is that Guzzle Deals will be aimed exclusively at deal services like Hyperli and Daddy Deals.

What is Guzzle’s market influence in numbers?

  •  Guzzle is ranked among the top 10 websites in South Africa, with an average browser looking at 11.65 pages per visit. The AVD average user duration is 20.35 minutes.
  •  For the period Jan 2020 - Dec 2020, Guzzle had 6.5 million users that generated 109 million page views. This is set to increase by approximately 10% during 2021.
  • Over 700 000 users a month plan their shopping on Guzzle, browsing over 11.4 million catalogue pages.
  • Guzzle has a mailing list with over 120,000 unique subscribers which retailers can take over to reach a broad consumer market.
  • Guzzle enjoys over 57,200 Facebook visitors per month
  • Guzzle demographics are characterised by 80% 20 – 49-year-olds, 50.41% female, 67% work full time, 90% earn income up to R49 999, 23% Live in 4 people households, etc. Females outperform the males greatly in terms of visitor numbers with their numbers standing at 3,457,530 with males at 1,392,402.
  • Guzzle visitors mostly live in metro areas with research statistics pointing to 55% - Gauteng, 14% - Western Cape, 11% - KwaZulu Natal and 20% other.
  • Guzzle daily visitor statistics are as follows: Daily average users = 30,000 (weekdays, excluding pay week), daily average users = 36,000 (weekdays, pay week), daily average users = 20,000 (weekend days), daily average page views = 350,000 (weekdays, excluding pay week), daily average page views = 420,000 (weekdays, pay week) and daily average users = 130,000 (weekend days).
  • Peak times daily traffic starts climbing from 8am and reaches peak at midday (12pm) and sits high until 4pm. Drop off is after 9pm.

From the above, it’s clear to see why Guzzle continues to enjoy a commanding market presence and influences the retail market in a major way. Retailers and consumers can count on Guzzle with confidence.

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