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This is how you can grow your online presence

The world of business has continued to respond and adapt to changing business dynamics.

At the heart of constantly changing business developments and innovation is the internet which is the heart and soul of the online or digital space.

By using the internet, small and large scale businesses can launch their brands, market products, sale and develop valuable consumer and business partnerships.

To achieve this, it is vitally important to pay particular attention to your online presence. Online presence simply refers to establishing the individual or business brand online, to significantly increase traffic and interactions.

How can you grow your online presence?

Build a solid platform

Consider setting up your website using WordPress which is a faster and cost-effective way to create a business platform.

If you have sufficient funds, you can get a professional web developer to build you an outstanding site. Whichever option you choose, ensure that it’s optimised for mobile, easy to navigate with clear calls to action and relevant details like your business brand, products and services as well as your contact details.

Produce content

In the digital space, content is king. You need to ensure your site has interesting and relevant content to do with the history of your business brand, current and past partnerships, insights to do with your products and services as well as community service initiatives.

While a website is a good platform to use, you can consider setting up a blog for constant publishing of business-related content.


A digital platform must always be optimised to rank highly and stay on top of web pages and be in the face of consumers and general readers. 

Optimisation can be done by producing rich content, speeding up the pages, getting quality backlinks, optimising for on and off-page SEO, doing proper keyword research, etc.

Be social and engaging

Online presence is largely driven by how interactive your platforms and content are. One of the most effective ways to do this is to have active social media accounts.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others are effective platforms to post product photos, videos and get interactive with consumers and business partners.

You can also use these platforms to post business developments and promotions you may have.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has grown in stature over the years. You can choose to align your brand with an online influencer or personality who has developed a huge online following.

You can then leverage on such an influencer’s audience numbers to drive traffic to your platforms or increase sales numbers.

The key in this regard is to find an influencer that speaks to the audience you wish to reach.


Automating simply refers to the ability of your online platforms to allow visitors especially consumers to view products and services, check-in and out of sales channels without the physical assistance of an individual. 

You need to take time to make sure your platforms are user friendly with good and speedy functionality.

The guidelines provided above will assist you to develop a commanding and attractive online presence if applied well.


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