Italian-Inspired Eyewear Brand De Luca Launches New Collection

Italian-inspired eyewear brand De Luca has unveiled its latest collection, now available exclusively at Spec-Savers stores across the country.

This new line showcases the brand’s commitment to merging classic designs with contemporary elegance, taking cues from Italy’s storied fashion legacy.

Get to know the De Luca family from the Valentina’s, the Rossi’s, or the Giovanni’s - each piece in the new collection reflects the vibrant charm of Italy. De Luca’s brand mission is to offer stylish and classic eyewear pieces at an affordable price, so you will always look stylish and on trend.

De Luca aims to offer elegant and timeless eyewear at an accessible price of R1,799, allowing you to stay stylish and trendy without overspending. The collection seeks to infuse the essence of Italy into every frame.

Supplied by: De Luca.

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