MultiChoice reveals DStv price increases for 2024

MultiChoice has revealed its annual adjustments to DStv prices, effective from April 1, 2024.

Across DStv's satellite pay-TV range, prices will rise by 3.1% to 7.8%. However, there will be no changes to DStv's streaming-only packages.

Notably, DStv Access will undergo the largest price hike, but MultiChoice South Africa CEO Marc Jury assured that the entry-level package would also receive a significant sports content enhancement. This upgrade includes ESPN, La Liga, SuperSport Variety 4, and SuperSport Blitz.

DStv Compact Plus will also experience a notable increase of 6.9%. The company also revealed that Compact Plus subscribers would soon enjoy an updated channel lineup featuring top-notch original content from Showmax.

Additionally, MultiChoice offers 24-month contracts for customers certain of their subscription commitment. These contracts guarantee fixed prices throughout the contractual period.

While subscribers can upgrade their contracts anytime within two years, downgrading requires cancellation and payment of applicable fees.

The price guarantees offered by MultiChoice are as follows:

  • DStv Premium — R879 / 24 months
  • DStv Compact — R399 / 24 months
  • DStv Access — R109 / 24 months

A summary of DStv's 2024 price adjustments is provided in the table below: 

  • DStv Premium: R929 (a 5.7% increase, from R879)
  • DStv Compact Plus: R619 (a 6.9% increase, from R579)
  • DStv Compact: R469 (a 4.5% increase, from R449)
  • DStv Family: R329 (a 3.1% increase, from R319)
  • DStv Access: R139 (a 7.5% increase, from R129)
  • DStv Access Dee: R120 (a 4.3% increase, from R115)
  • DStv EasyView: R29 (no increase)

Written by: Shihaam (Gabriella0 Steyn-Adams.

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