Pargo Click & Collect produces 68% less carbon emissions than home delivery

Smart logistics company Pargo has recently conducted a carbon footprint study in partnership with independent carbon consultants, Carbon Calculated, in an effort to raise the bar on sustainability.

The main finding of the study concluded that Pargo Click & Collect produces 68% less carbon emissions than the traditional home delivery service.

With Click & Collect, multiple orders are sent to a Pargo Pickup Point where they can be collected by the consumer. These consolidated deliveries allow for a significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to deliveries to multiple homes.

In addition, it requires a single delivery attempt which means there are no failed deliveries as a result of customers not being at home, leading to an even lower carbon footprint.

The trend towards more conscious consumption has grown significantly over the past couple of years and studies have shown that the South African consumer is becoming more environmentally-conscious with their purchases. A recent survey conducted by Mastercard found that 81% of adults in South Africa are more mindful of their impact on the environment since Covid-19. Scientists around the world agree that the planet’s climate requires immediate action to avert a catastrophe.

As part of its sustainability mission, Pargo has at the beginning of last year replaced the customary plastic courier bag with a fully biodegradable, locally produced paper mailing bag that reduces its carbon footprint even further. The bag offers the same quality, durability, and security to consumers and retailers than the traditional plastic bag ? at no additional cost.

“Sustainability is important for us as a business,” Pargo CEO, Lars Veul said. “We are proud that our Click & Collect solution helps to make a small difference. With Click & Collect, South African businesses and consumers can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their online orders.”

Founded in 2015, Pargo provides innovative, reliable and convenient last-mile delivery solutions to its customers through a network of 3000+ pickup points nationwide.


Supplied by: Pargo.

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