'Swine Flu In Eggs' Hoax!

The 'swine flu in eggs' Message Is A Hoax, Says The City Of Cape Town.


12 October 2017 / Brandon Lee Westraat

A message has been doing its rounds on WhatsApp stating that the spar in Vangate pulled egg stocks from its shelves due to a 'swine' flu outbreak.

The City of Cape Town Released the following statement yesterday. "We can confirm that the message is a hoax and would like to reassure the public that there is no risk to humans associated with consumption of eggs or chicken," said City Health in a statement. And may I add, if you are freaking out just read that message again that read as follows: "Important notice.. (Retailer) in Vangate mall took their eggs off the shelves.it's reported the swine flu virus was found in the eggs.so please people avoid eggs and chicken all together and spread this message as far as possible you could save a life.whether you choose to believe it or not rather safe than sorry..pass on please"

Firstly our country is suffering from a strain of avian flu(H5N8) taking out that bird we love to braai, not swine flu (H1N2), which comes from pigs, not chickens (maybe you didn't catch the 'swine' tucked in there)

If you are still uncertain (for all the paranoid people out there), The Environmental Health Services have verified that they ran out of eggs due to low stock, not an outbreak. "The City urges the public to refrain from distributing this and other potential hoax messages as it could cause unnecessary panic and dissemination of misinformation, but also result in reputational harm to companies or organizations."

If this whole article did nothing to soothe your worries, the City’s Environmental Health Services can be contacted on 0860 103 089 for any inquiries or concerns with regards to food safety.

But in ending I want to cement into you that the avian flu is real and has killed 2 million birds in our province resulting in a drop of 70% of egg stock in western cape so it's guaranteed that that eggs benedict you love so much will go up in price.