LG’s Wallpaper TV That Probably Cost’s More Than Your Car


By Brandon-Lee Westraat on 28th September 2017

A TV is Just a TV, right? I mean in the past couple of years the tv market has been pretty stagnant and unchanging, yes we are getting smarter smart TVs and we have seen the 3D fad come and go but now LG has decided to chuck a 77inch spanner in the works and it's beautiful…and expensive.

LG’s new 77inch”wallpaper” OLED has just hit stores in the US and the price might knock you off your feet so you should sit down for this. This TV will set you back $19,999, that's around R260000. Trust me I feel your pain. It's Around the same price as a new Renault Duster. And You can guess which one I would spend my 260 grand on. I will give you a guess: it has four wheels.

BUT(there is always a but), if you can afford to lay out this kind of cash, I promise you are getting an experience in your home you won't find anywhere else.


with The LG Signature OLED TV W, you are getting an ultra-thin “picture-on-wall” form factor being only 2.57mm thick, with a Dolby Atmos soundbar that packs a punch and has HDR capabilities.The 4K TV renders over a billion colors, which allows it to display 64-times more shades of color than conventional TVs.It also supports all major HDR formats.The TV features webOS 3.5, the latest version of LG’s smart TV platform, and ships with LG’s Magic Remote.

As much as I'm fawning over this tv wishing I could be playing FIFA 18 on it, I have to be honest there are TV’s in LG's OLED range that is cheaper with the same picture quality, they are just not a couple millimeters thick and stick to your wall with magnets.Besides the instant heartburn I got when I saw the price, this is a huge step forward for the home entertainment world maybe in a year or two we will see some affordable products similar to this.So watch this space.