Win a PS4 with Guzzle!


Yup that’s not a typo, we’re really giving away a PS4, oh and just 9 MTN Steppa Smartphones! The reason? We thought this would be the perfect way to introduce you to Guzzle Mobile. That’s right guys, we’re making it even easier to save! It doesn’t matter where you are - all you need is your Smartphone to browse through catalogues and find great specials.

So how do you win that PlayStation 4? Well, we’re not just going to give it away without asking you to get really involved. Over the next month we’re going to be asking you to visit the Guzzle Mobile site, open the catalogue that has a Guzzle Shark on it, pick a product and then take a selfie, with the actual product in-store, and upload it to our Facebook or Twitter Page!

Every week we’ll be giving away, not one, not two, but THREE Steppa Smartphones! On the last week of the competition we’ll be announcing the winner of the PS4 Gaming Bundle! And don’t worry, if you have been lucky enough to win a phone, you’ll still have a chance of winning the Grand Prize!

So when is this all going down? Well, that’s for us to know, and you to find checking in on our Facebook Page everyday. Make sure you Like, Comment and Share the official Facebook competition announcement next week, and you'll stand a chance to win a MTN Steppa Smartphone!