Yuppiechef Finally Going Brick And Mortar…

Premier Online Retail Store Finally Starts Their Physical Retail Chain.


By Brandon Lee Westraat on 20th September 2017

If you are a beast in the kitchen (like me) or a novice that still messes up two-minute noodles (also me at times), you should know about Yuppiechef. If not, let me give you some background.

Yuppiechef was founded in Plumstead, when two friends who loved cooking, decided to start selling kitchen and homeware products out of their lounge. Back then they started with 32 products, now their online store has thousands.

Yuppiechef emerged at the perfect time when we were all becoming addicted to Jamie Oliver ,and MasterChef was being played non-stop on our television screen. It was a time when the kitchen was the new man cave and all new gadgets for the kitchen became the in thing.

But back in 2006, when all of this was happening, here in South Africa, it was hard to get the gadgets, product, and brands we saw on tv. This is where Yuppiechef came in and empowered their customers to try out new things. A brand new German knife or a micro blowtorch in your hand inspires and motivates you to stretch your culinary skills.

Today Yuppiechef is the premier online kitchen and homeware store, stocking over 300 of the world's leading brands . from knives, cookware, and appliances - too soft furnishings, craft beer and the finest food ingredients.

Now the online retailer will open up their first brick and mortar store in cape town next month.The store will debut at willow bridge center in the northern suburbs. The Yuppiechef co-founder Andrew Smith is hoping this store will be the first of many.

The company is starting a new omnichannel campaign. they don't want customers to see Yuppiechef as an online retailer or a physical chain, but a single retail brand so that the customers can have the freedom to interact with them on their terms, whenever and wherever the customers are.

But ... from being the most successful online retailer of kitchenware in South Africa to now opening their first physical store. Will their success continue in this new chapter? All we can do is watch and support as they move from strength to strength