Zando Partners with Mobicred to Introduce Seamless Digital Credit Checkout

Zando, an online fashion e-commerce platform in South Africa, has announced its partnership with Mobicred, a digital credit provider within the industry. This collaboration aims to enhance the online shopping experience by introducing a seamless digital credit checkout option for customers.

"As Zando is always looking at improving the customer experience, we are very excited about this collaboration with Mobicred. We believe that offering our customers to pay via Mobicred will make their shopping experience even more simple and convenient and will lead to fewer abandoned carts, and higher sales while ensuring that our customers are willing to return to our platform," said CEO of Zando, Morgane Imbert.

Gareth Burge, head of sales and marketing at Mobicred, shared his perspective on the collaboration, stating, "This partnership between Mobicred and Zando opens the door to a world of fashion for Mobicred customers, offering seamless digital credit checkout and unparalleled convenience.

Over the last few years, we've seen the online fashion industry grow to meet the e-commerce needs of customers, and we're shaping a better online shopping experience for South African shoppers."

Both Mobicred and Zando are optimistic about this partnership's possibilities, anticipating a positive impact on the e-commerce landscape and ensuring that South African shoppers have access to the latest trends with enhanced convenience.

The alliance between Mobicred and Zando signifies a significant step forward in providing customers with a hassle-free and efficient payment solution. With digital credit checkout, customers can enjoy a more flexible and convenient shopping experience on Zando's platform.

Zando, known for its extensive range of fashion products and commitment to customer satisfaction, sees this partnership as an opportunity to further cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

The collaboration is set to elevate the standards of online fashion retail, aligning with the growing trend of digital innovation in the South African market.

Supplied by: Zando.

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