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Apple unveils its own smart trackers, Apple AirTags

Apple recently announced the launch of its own smart tracker AirTag, a small and elegantly designed accessory that helps keep track of and find the items that matter most with Apple’s Find My app. 

Whether attached to a handbag, keys, backpack, or other items, AirTag taps into the vast, global Find My network1 and can help locate a lost item, all while keeping location data private and anonymous with end-to-end encryption. 

“We’re excited to bring this incredible new capability to iPhone users with the introduction of AirTag, leveraging the vast Find My network, to help them keep track of and find the important items in their lives,” said Kaiann Drance, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing.

“With its design, unparalleled finding experience, and built-in privacy and security features, AirTag will provide customers with another way to leverage the power of the Apple ecosystem and enhance the versatility of iPhone.”

In addition, the AirTag includes a built-in speaker which can be activated through the app in order to find it.

When the tracker is not within Bluetooth range, Apple’s Find My network of devices – which includes iPhones from other users – can monitor its location.

 iStore South Africa noted that pre-orders are available in South Africa for Apple’s AirTags smart trackers.



The iStore is offering these AirTags for pre-order at R499 each. Alternatively, buyers could save around R100 when buying a 4-pack for R1,899.

However, this does not include the price of the holders in which the AirTag can be placed for attaching to items.

These accessories can be purchased separately and this is how much it cost:

  • AirTag Loop – R499
  • AirTag Leather Key Ring – R699
  • AirTag Leather Loop – R799



AirTag | Precision Tracking, Anti-Stalking, Accessories



Written by: Gabriella Steyn.

Guzzle Media