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Facebook's Marketplace

Facebook’s New Place To Sell Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

30 January 2018/ Brandon Lee Westraat


After 2 years and 47 countries later Facebook is finally open up Marketplace to South Africa. with over 550 million people using it from around the world having it in South Africa will be a big shake-up to the classified and eCommerce world.

having Facebook's marketplace in South Africa is going to bring Opportunity to the small person trying to sell the contents of their garage, and the business owner trying to push their products locally, as well as being huge competition for OLX and Gumtree.

If this was a fight then Facebook would be Mayweather and OLX and Gumtree would be McGregor. The minute Facebook decided to bring the marketplace to South Africa, Gumtree and OLX have already lost because Firstly: Everyone Carries their phone with them and I guarantee that Facebook is living on that device. Secondly: we are all addicted to our social media and why not post an add while you are scrolling your homepage feed.

The marketplace was initially built to supplement the Facebook groups which focus on buying and selling items on the platform this can help with the fluidity of selling and buying items on Facebook. With additional Messenger over the past couple years is gonna help with the communication between the buyer and the seller.

It's only been a couple days and you can really see how the community is taking to the New Marketplace with full force where there are hundreds of thousands of items available just in Cape Town alone And 18 million new items worldwide.

Even though Facebook Marketplace is looking more like a glorified garage sale its slowly shifting into something a lot better and bigger something that could be a huge investment for the small town entrepreneur trying to get his business off the ground or the veteran salesman trying to sell a new product.