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Netflorist says it's prepared for this upcoming Black Friday

Netflorist announced that it will be participating in this year's Black Friday that will be happening on the 29th of November 2019. 

The company added that it is also extending its specials for Cyber Monday as well. 

Netflorist said in a statement: "It is expected that consumers will come flooding in-store as well as online, and this forecast is derived from previous sales growth that various retailers and e-tailers have experienced."

"There has been an increase in consumer participation on Black Friday and the fact that it happens at the end of the month (closer to payday for many consumers) contributes to the demand for good deals, specials, and promotions."

The company adds that the key to a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience is ensuring that there is enough stock, optimum upgrades in system functionality and websites, a well-trained staff, enough servers to deal with traffic and an efficient omnichannel strategy that will ensure robust customer experience, increase company value and drive sales.

"The steady growth of e-commerce shows that there is no shortage of players in the industry, hence the diversification of products and services online," said Netflorist in a statement. 

Written by: Staff Writer.

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