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Save Data With YouTube Go

YouTube Drops New Data Friendly Video Streaming App

By Brandon-Lee Westraat On 1 December 2017


Google has just revealed that the app, YouTube Go, A Data friendly way to watch videos will finally be launched in South Africa.

With data cost so high in South Africa, the youtube app sits and collects dust on our mobile phones but we don't get rid of it in hopes we will all have fiber one day...But now we can actually use youtube for this new app.

It is designed to be an offline-first way to access YouTube videos, which launched in beta form in India earlier this year. It was designed to: Give video recommendations tailored to user's’ preferences. To Improve the experience of watching videos on a slower network. Provide control over data usage, offering choice and transparency for streaming or saving videos and Share videos with friends. YouTube Go exited beta earlier this week and although it's only available in India and Indonesia, we won't leave you in the dust so we hooked you up with a link to get it a bit early. Click Here