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Silulo Ulutho partners with Pargo to expand pickup point access in informal settlements

ICT company, Silulo Ulutho Technologies and smart logistics company, Pargo have recently teamed up in a partnership that aims to create access to those previously shunned from online shopping.

Many South African consumers who reside in rural areas have previously been excluded from e-commerce because couriers are unable to access their addresses.

The partnership sees the addition of 43 Pargo Pickup Points at Silulo Ulutho service centres across three provinces and aims to empower both online shoppers and retailers.

Silulo’s service centres attract more than 110 customers daily, making this the perfect partnership to extend Pargo’s reach in townships and rural areas.

Established in 2004, Silulo Ulutho Technologies is a pioneering ICT company that provides basic computer services to rural communities around KZN and the Eastern and Western Cape.

"This venture will allow a lot of people in townships to receive their parcels. It’s the beginning of bringing e-commerce to the townships and my hope is that it will grow and be used by small businesses for their parcel drop off and pick up," Silulo Ulutho Technologies CEO, Luvuyo Rani said.

“Driven by technology, both companies aim to make basic services simpler and more accessible to all South Africans. South Africa’s history of segregation has left significant legacies in our country’s geography. It is the application of the technology, and partnerships like Silulo Ulutho technologies that enable access to customers in townships and rural areas which makes this value proposition so compelling” said Head of Pickup Points, Peter de Beer.

Parcels are stored safely at Silulo centres until collection. Pargo’s Pickup Points allow customers to choose where they want to receive their order. Once the parcel arrives at the pickup point, the customer will receive a notification to inform them that their package is available for collection.

The customer can then collect the parcel at their own convenience. Pargo empowers customers by giving them control of their day – customers can combine the pick-up of their parcel with their daily errands.


Supplied by: Pargo.

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