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Toshiba TVs available again in South Africa

Synonymous with quality and great prices, Toshiba has relaunched TVs into the South African market, boasting eight stellar models, and planning to introduce many more.

Toshiba TVs are manufactured in Cape Town creating more job opportunities for the community.

While they are fondly remembered in many homes as our first TVs back in the day, or the ones our grandparents still kept until the 90s, Toshiba is still bringing exceptional screen experiences and continue in their tradition of Japanese quality and innovation.

Toshiba produced its first colour TV in 1957 and was the first to market with an Android TV in 2014, while the latest models boast exceptional picture quality thanks to their proprietary CEVO video processing engine. Beyond their TVs, Toshiba is a loved and trusted brand, not only for TVs but for laptops, photocopiers, hard drives, USBs and audio devices. 

"We are proud to be producing TVs once again in the country, offering exceptional products to South African customers again, and building on the brand's history and deep relationships with South Africa," says Mohamed Hamdy, spokesperson for Toshiba.

Toshiba Smart 4K LED TVs are available from Takealot and other leading retailers and start at R4 299.

Supplied by: Toshiba.

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