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10 Hacks To Save Christmas

Here Are 10 Christmas Hacks That Can Save Christmas Or Make It A Bit Better

By Brandon-Lee Westraat On 8 November 2017


Sometimes Christmas is a rush or just really stressful so I thought I could just share with you some secret hacks, some life-changing and some...well just a bit strange.


#1 Diagonal Gift Wrapping

I stumbled upon this video a bit back and it is so much easier. No more asking someone to hold down the wrapping paper while you have sellotape stuck on your fingers. remember I said some of the hacks are life-changing, yeah this is one of those.



#2 Make A Fridge Snowman

Listen before you judge, Here in cape town there will never be snow in the city so we got to find alternatives especially when there are kids around. Plus its a conversation starter. Plus Normal is overrated, be a little weird.






#3 S’more Bar

Yes, A s’more bar. I saw this at a Christmas party in the states as a kid and it blew my mind. All it takes is a couple candle and all the extras you want. I dare you to try it at your Christmas party, it will become a tradition trust me.






#4 Candy Bows

I don't know about you but I suck at wrapping gifts and when its a kid, having their eyes not noticing my bad wrapping skill and rather an M&Ms bow, it’s a good thing.






#5 Cookie Cutter Pancakes

In my family it's a tradition to have pancakes when we open presents, I use to try and make the pancakes look like Santa with strawberries and whipped cream beards but this looks like a better idea. Plus you can let the kids decorate them of dipping them in some melted chocolate.






#6 Candy Cane Place Holders

We all know family politics is a stressful matter so here is a fun way to make sure the in-laws sit on the other side and your cousins don't strangle each other. Just Glue three candy canes together.






#7 Candy Cane On Everything

Take Some Candy Canes, put them in the blender and pulverize the hell out of them. Now you have something you can add to anything to make it more Christmasy. Put it in icing, on cookies, ice cream, mouse, hot chocolate, and even cocktail rims. But the possibilities are endless.






#8 Reuse Those Tangled Lights

I don't know about you ,but when I take out the Christmas decorations and see that Bundle of tangled lights, I kinda just want to skip Christmas altogether. But here is a cool way to use those tangled Christmas lights.






#9 Rice Krispy Treats And M&M Christmas Tree For The Win

Do I really need to say more…






#10 For Adults: A Christmas Tree Of JELLO SHOTS

It's the gift that keeps on giving. Perfect for the office Christmas party or that pre-Christmas bash at your house.