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Game SA offers tips to make your money go further in January

January is a notoriously tough month for many consumers. Increased spending over the holiday season paired with rising petrol prices and rate increases mean South African consumers will certainly be looking to make their budgets go further this month – and Game is here to help. 

The retailer offers several ways for consumers to be able to make the necessary purchases in January – be it back-to-school goods, home office items, tech gadgets, wellness and exercise equipment or large appliances for their homes. 

“As a retailer with over 51 years of history in South Africa, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our consumers wherever possible,” explains Katherine Madley, Vice President of Marketing, Game.

“January is always a month where consumers need some financial support for those items they really need as they begin the new year.”

For those looking to make purchases in January, lay-by purchases are a good idea.

The benefits of lay-bys for South African consumers:

No Credit Checks 

Because the items remain the property of the retailer until they are fully paid, credit checks are not necessary. Consumers will, however, need to be over the age of 18 and will be expected to enter into a signed agreement with the retailer – stating the terms and conditions of the transaction. 

Extended payment terms 

Lay-by purchases offer extended payment terms for consumers. Game’s standard terms give consumers 3 months to pay off their pay-by purchases. 

No interest 

Lay-by purchases are interest-free – meaning consumers do not rack up additional charges on the items they are buying but can lock them in at the price they were advertised for at the time of the agreement. 

No opening fees 

There are also no additional fees charged on lay-by purchases with Game – meaning consumers are still getting the best possible deal on their purchase. 

For those looking to receive their purchases immediately, store credit may be an effective solution. 

Store Credit

RCS offers a credit facility that can be used across retailers, including Game, Builders Warehouse and Makro. This means that you can use any of these cards to make a purchase at Game.

The RCS Store Card offers the following benefits:

  • Up to 55 days interest-free
  • Access to cash from your card
  • Affordable monthly instalments, with flexible payment options: Revolving, 24 or 36 months budget plans
  • Access to exclusive offers and promotions


Supplied by: Game.

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