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Facebook's New Social Good Forum

New Tools And Initiatives For Us To Help Each Other And Communities

By Brandon-Lee Westraat On 30 November 2017


Facebook is once again going to be hosting a Social Good Forum. With that comes some new tools, upgrades, and initiatives we can use to help support each other and keep each other safe.

In the first forum, Facebook released the Crisis Response tool which came as a huge help this past year with the large natural disasters that hit us all over the world this year. So I'm expecting big things from the new additions.

So here are the new tools and some of their updates:




Mentorship And Support

a new product where mentees and mentors come together to connect and interact directly with each other and progress through a guided program developed by nonprofit organizations





Eliminating Non-profit Fees

100% of donations made through Facebook payments to nonprofits will now go directly to those organizations





Facebook Donations Fund

$50 million annual funds for 2018 to help communities recover from disaster by direct contributions and matching dollars, to increase the impact of our community’s support during crises like a major natural disaster. The fund will also help more people support causes that they care about, as well as help nonprofits, increase the amount raised by their supporters’ to campaigns like Giving Tuesday





Charitable giving tools expansion

people can now create fundraisers in places like Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand





Fundraisers API

the ability for people to sync their off-Facebook fundraising to their Facebook fundraisers





Community Help API

a new tool that will give disaster response organizations access to Community Help data, offering important information about the needs of people affected by crises so that they can respond





Blood Donations Feature

more than 4 million donors in India have signed up, expanding to connect blood banks and hospitals to donors through blood donation events, and introducing the feature in Bangladesh in early 2018