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French Beauty Brand, Panier Des Sens launches in South Africa

French beauty brand Panier Des Sens announced that it is now available in the South African market.

Panier Des Sens is a completely vegan and sustainably sourced beauty brand, hailing from the French Riviera, inspired by the natural resources of France and old Mediterranean know-how.

Panier Des Sens is a luxurious perfumery that creates 100% naturally sourced and organic products with delicate scents made by master perfumers in Grasse.

The brand has arrived with a bang by launching a star-studded launch event that aimed to awaken the senses and showcase its premium catalogue of products. The luxurious LUEUR Wellness Spa took people on a visceral journey of the senses with Panier Des Sens pampering guests with hand massages and sensational treatments from world-class therapists.

The founder Jerome Lambruschini, combined his love for the region and typical south of France lifestyle to create a committed brand of natural cosmetics.

Inspired by the natural resources of France and old Mediterranean know-how, the company creates perfumes, soaps, luxurious creams and oils as well as candles and home fragrances – all of which magnify the beauty of Provence.

Over the years Panier des Sens has developed its product with master soap makers from Marseille and master parfumers from Grasse utilising their artisanal skills and unique know-how.

The natural and vegan formulas are designed and conceived in Provence, always encouraging short circuits and local partnerships.
These natural and organic products have rich textures and delicate fragrances all carefully formulated and constantly reworked offering a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Panier des Sens is always working towards a greener future working with framers who cultivate using sustainable farming methods and using eco-design packaging that is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Preserving the natural heritage and protecting and managing the nature of the French region.

Members of the 1% for the Planet association, an international movement engaged in an economy that is more respectful of people
and the planet.

All our solid soaps are members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) meeting the association's very precise corporate social responsibility and sustainable development requirements and are traceable throughout the supply chain.

Using centuries of artisanal know-how and traditional methods, combining sophisticated formulations that not only benefit the skin but highly developed and evolved fragrances and essential oils that nurture the mind.

Utilising sustainable farming methods, and presenting itself in beautifully curated eco-packaging, Panier des Sens is a brand that looks to the past while caring for our future.





Supplied by:  Panier des Sens.

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