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South Africans It's Time To Get Your Iphone X

8 November 2017 / Brandon Lee Westraat


So the release date is official. The iPhone X is dropping in South Africa on the 24th of November, So I'm expecting some of you will be lining up the night before, But if you have a connection, hook a brother up here.

For all of you hipsters and iPhone fans, I have some info for you. It has been confirmed that the phone will only be Available in silver and space grey on launch. it will also come in the 64GB and 256GB models.

If we are talking about the price, well right now it's sort of up in the air but we have a bit of info. The American Price starts at $999 but we all know this doesn't translate well into the South African currency, With our rand being so weak right now the iPhone X will exceed R20,000 and look more like R23,000. yes it's Extremely expensive but if you are about that life then go for it ...and buy me one too.

Keep your eye out for our local network providers as they release contract deals for the iPhone X starting at R999 Per month. If you want to get this info first as well as the deals and promotional catalogs then keep your eyes on the guzzle site and social media.